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Cultural assessments

Understanding the values and culture of the various people groups in your enterprise

The Spiritual Enterprise Diagnostic (SED)


The SED is a Kingdom model for enterprises with eight dimensions. We gain understanding of the values and culture of the various people groups in the enterprise by surveying people for 32 behavioural questions and 4 demographic questions. The outcomes of values, culture and values-culture gaps gives important understanding of the current culture of the enterprise. They also aid the cultural change planning process by understanding what geographic locations, departments, roles, generations and tenure lengths are in most need of attention. A drill down of the Apostolic and Prophetic values and culture of the different generations in an organisation is shown below.


Transformational Organisation

Diagnostic (TOD)

The TOD is a corporate language version of the SED. The behavioural questions are changed to reflect this broader audience. In these organisations, the assessments, cultural change planning and leadership development is conducted by Management Training Australia (

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