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“Kingdom Culture” will help you to more fully understand the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven. It will assist you to enter more of the Kingdom and equip you to help others to do so as well. It will help you to participate in the Kingdom transformation of individuals and enterprises. It includes eight keys to the kingdom, Kingdom vales statements and how leaders bring cultural change.


“Building spiritual enterprises” is firstly about building yourself spiritually for business and includes the issues of faith, doubt, success, contentment and hearing from God. It is also about bring a spiritual foundation to your enterprise and includes the issues of anointing, gifts, vision and spiritual structures. It includes a section on  building the enterprise and includes the issues of values, culture, strategy and transitions.


"Understanding the witness of the Spirit" will help you develop confidence from the Scriptures to follow the leadings the Holy Spirit is giving you.It covers key issues of developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit, clearing your internal pathways, renewing your soul, recognising the spirit of error, identifying spiritual sensations and knowing when to use the various gifts of the Spirit.


The "Spiritual Career" helps Christians to discover and celebrate their calling to the workplace. It is filled with practical tips on how to both follow your calling and be excellent in the pursuit of your career. It includes chapters on how to discover your calling, being led by the Spirit, establishing Biblical work priorities, servanthood at work, stress management and professional development.

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The "Spiritual Manager" will help you to apply biblical principles to your management role. It brings those aspects of management theory which have a foundation in Scripture and which are also highly practical. It includes how to building the presence of God at your workplace, how to build your personal influence, how to build a positive team climate and how to develop people.


"Understanding the anointing of the Holy Spirit" an in-depth biblical understanding of the operation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It is full of scriptures and explanation of how the power of the Spirit operates in people's lives. It will help you to discern the various types of anointing, how to impart the anointing, the limitations of the anointing and how to manage yourself as a carrier of the anointing.

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