The importance of Kingdom culture

Research shows that culture drives engagement, retention and performance. A positive organisational culture makes life better for customers, staff and all stakeholders. But what culture should we be striving for? Cultural models should be driven from Scripture and be a holistic approach to organisational transformation. Organisational leaders can then be confident that they are helping people and bringing the Kingdom

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Kingdom Culture​

We transform individuals, churches, christian businesses and other christian organisations who desire to bring the Kingdom of Heaven through their enterprise. We do this through cultural diagnoses, cultural change planning and leadership development programs. We also have a suite of online training programs

Cultural assessment

We assess organisations with a Kingdom model in christian or corporate language. This assessment provides understanding of the values and culture of the various people groups of the enterprise.

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Cultural  change

We facilitate planning sessions to embed new values and create cultural change through the key touch points of the enterprise with a focus on leadership development

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The Nature of the Kingdom






Starting his career as a physicist, Wayne Back has spent 30 years building Kingdom enterprises and helping others to do likewise. During this time he has founded and built businesses, churches and ministry training colleges. He has led development programs in small, medium and large corporate and christian organisations in Australia, Asia-Pacific and Europe. He also currently also leads Heaven in Spain ( and Management Training Australia (

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