Leadership Development

Whether or not we are conducting a cultural change program, we work with organisations to implement leadership development programs that include identifying higher potential leaders and recruits, leadership training, coaching and mentoring, and creating work assignments that are not only aligned to their talents and interests, but also stretch their capacities.

Recruit and identify high potential leaders

Since leaders are both born and made, we help enterprises to identify leaders of higher potential who are already in their midst as well as in the recruitment process.

Implementation Planning

Train leaders how to build influence and how to operate in different styles

If formal and informal leaders are increasingly carrying the desired culture of the organisation. then helping them to increase their influence will accelerate the organisation's cultural transformation. An important part of developing this influence is the ability to operate in different styles as the situations requires.

Finance Consultancy

Coaching and mentoring programs

Leaders develop when they are influenced by leaders. We help enterprises to develop coaching and mentoring programs that are beneficial for both the mentor and the protege. 

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