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Wayne Back was originally a physicist and has spent three decades helping various types of organisations develop their management, leadership and organisational capacities.  He also consults with various types of organisations in strategic development and cultural change programs. He has a particular passion for entrepreneurship, helping people and organisations to harness their passions and strengths to identify and seize the opportunities. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours), a Diploma in Ministry and a Masters in Management with a major in organisational development



Steve Keil has a passion for business that adds value to all stakeholders. He developed a new business model for franchises that helps everyone it touches, whether they are customers, employees, suppliers or franchisees. Through strong social responsibility programs, the business helps local communities and also engages in national charity and fundraising programs. Since 2003, Steve has led the expansion of the business to over 250 franchises with nearly 3,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand and turnover of over $A500M per annum. He holds an MBA with a major in Marketing

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