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“Kingdom Culture” will help you to more fully understand the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven. It will assist you to enter more of the Kingdom and equip you to help others to do so as well. It will help you to participate in the Kingdom transformation of individuals and enterprises

Kingdom Culture

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  • “Kingdom Culture” will help you:

    • To know the difference between seeing, entering and inheriting the Kingdom
    • With a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions of the Kingdom
    • To bring a better understanding of the “keys of the Kingdom”
    • With a Kingdom-based model that you can apply to your personal life, church and business
    • Bring a better understanding of culture and cultural change
    • To simplify your mission, vision, values and culture
    • To be more effective in bringing the Kingdom through your church, business, family or other enterprise
    • To understand how to develop a spiritual, apostolic or innovative culture
    • To harness five processes of personal transformation
    • A way of measuring Kingdom values and culture
    • To know Kingdom ways of building organisational culture
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