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Since 2018, we have spent two months each year teaching and ministering with teams in Spain. We are building relationships with people in christian business organisations, missionaries and churches around the country both from Australia and whilst we are in country. Our focus is to help churches, missionaries and businesses to have a kingdom focus.

In 2019, we taught and ministered with 12 groups in 10 cities and towns including a historic multi-denominational gathering in the Catholic cathedral buildings in Santiago de Compostela and as the keynote speaker at the Tres-E national conference


In March and April 2020, we were scheduled teach in churches and launch Kingdom business groups around the country. We were also to run our first Kingdom Entrepreneurship conference in Lugo. Like everyone else, our plans were abruptly affected by COVID-19

In October 2020, we launched a live on-line bilingual ministry college in conjunction with leaders in Spain. This college will include general teaching on the kingdom and also on kingdom business and entrepreneurship.

We have also made our on-line courses available with Spanish sub-titles

More information is at where we have also made bi-lingual resources available

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