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Wayne is an experienced trainer and conference speaker in Australia, Asia-Pacific and Europe. He conducts training from a single conference presentation to week-long training events in leadership and cultural change in christian and corporate settings to audiences of all sizes

Online Courses

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Personal Transformation Course

Kingdom Leadership Course

Keys to the Kingdom Course

Classroom Courses

Organisational Transformation
For Senior Managers and Leaders, Board Members and Business  Owners
  • Measuring values and culture

  • Leaders and cultural change

  • Cultural change at other key touch points

  • Culture and spiritual strategy

  • Spiritual strategy and competition

  • Spiritual planning and goal setting

  • Doubling your enterprise

  • Transitions in spiritual enterprises

Kingdom Values & Culture
For Senior Managers and Leaders, Board Members and Business Owners
  • Kingdom mission, vision and values

  • The church and the Kingdom

  • Religion and the Kingdom

  • The SED and TOD models for Kingdom enterprises

  • The nature of culture and cultural change

  • The nature of binding and loosing

  • Systems and culture

  • Systems and national culture

  • Developing a spiritual culture

  • Developing an apostolic culture

  • Developing a culture of innovation

The Kingdom of Heaven
For everyone
  • The Kingdom of Heaven

  • The nature of the Kingdom

  • A spiritual Kingdom

  • Seeing, entering and inheriting the Kingdom     

  • Keys to the Kingdom: prayer and faith

  • Keys to the Kingdom: humility and not judging

  • Keys to the Kingdom: obedience and servanthood

  • Keys to the Kingdom: the seed nature

  • Keys to the Kingdom: tribulation

Personal Spirituality and Leadership
For leaders
  • What is a success?

  • Harnessing faith, hope and doubt 

  • Your unique relationship with God

  • Spiritual leadings

  • How to become less driven by your mind and emotions

  • The nature and roles of leadership

  • Developing spiritual authority

  • Getting and casting vision

  • Six leadership styles

  • Building a positive team climate

  • Developing others

  • Building your influence

Personal transformation & productivity
For everyone
  • Using your gifts and anointing

  • Understanding God’s vision

  • Adding value, knowledge and fruits of the Spirit

  • Setting priorities and redeeming the time

  • Showing servant-hood

  • Effective communication

  • Five transformation processes

  • Stress Management

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